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Billerica Town Meeting Alert

May 14th Upadate. We win again! GOAL has learned that article #38 has been withdrawn due to the amount of opposition it faced from law abiding hunters and gun owners.

Great job and thanks to all who voiced their concerns in this matter!


May 5th update. GOAL has learned that article #38 is scheduled to be voted on at the town meeting scheduled for May 13th.  Please continue to monitor the schedule for this vote.

April 26, 2010

Gun Owners’ Action League (GOAL) has recently been made aware of an article in the Town Warrant to be brought before the Town Meeting in early May, as early as May 4, 2010.

Article #38 on the Final Warrant would drastically change Article VI Police Regulations in the town of Billerica. These newly proposed local regulations would drastically restrict hunters who use firearms within the town limits. Article #38 if adopted would:

  • Require any hunter using a firearm who has obtained landowner permission for “sporting” to notify the Chief of Police 24 hours prior to hunting.
  • If permission is granted by a landowner to a wildlife control or nuisance animal entity the notice shall include the name of the person licensed to do the work, all license numbers, a detailed description of work including dates, times and setbacks.
  • Any such notice shall include a Certificate of Insurance, satisfactory to the Police Chief, naming the town as additional insured.
  • “Non-sporting” hunters not covered by the above regulations shall provide notice of any hunting activity 21 days in advance.
  • “Non-sporting” hunters must post the entire property with warning signs prior to hunting and then remove all signs no later than 30 days after hunting.
  • Hunters, after receiving approval of the Chief of Police, must notify all abutters in writing two weeks in advance,
  • Should any hunt take place within 500 feet of school the Superintendent’s permission is required.


All Billerica hunters and gun owners should immediately contact the town meeting members and urge them to vote NO on Article #38. This article casts a public safety issue over hunting and hunters that is simply unfounded. Hunting is one of the safest activities citizens of all ages can take part in.

For nearly a century hunters and gun owners have led the way in supporting professional wildlife management and land conservation efforts. We have also tirelessly supplied the citizens of the Commonwealth with hunter safety education courses and firearm safety courses. The hunting heritage is a respectable safe tradition that should not be tarnished by such cumbersome needless ill conceived regulations. Please act immediately to save your rights in the town of Billerica.

Click here to read the warrant (info on page 30)

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